Friday, September 8, 2017

Sea You Soon

I know that summer is almost over but in two days I am going on a vacation and as far as I am concerned SUMMER HAS JUST BEGUN. That's how I feel. And that is the reason why I wanted to share with you this basic summer outfit. You know how much I love minimalism.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Change The Course Of Your Life

Have you ever noticed how crazy it is when something good happens in your life and then all of  sudden you get more and more good things in your life or when someone invites you to go somewhere then everyone else stars to call you? Or when something bad happens then everything starts to go in that direction. There is no one to call you, everyone is busy with their own work and your day turns out to be boring. The other day I talked about this with my friend and we both agreed that it's actually always like this. We came to the conclusion that only one event or call can turn your day from bad to good. It doesn't have to mean that happens to everyone on this planet but considering how many people I talked about this in last time, I realized that it happens more than often to some people.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Don't Be So Hard On Yourself

Maj je bio poprilično haotičan mesec za mene. Predavanja na fakultetu su se polako približavala kraju što je značilo da će uskoro početi ispitni rok i da nemam puno vremena da radim nešto drugo već samo da spremim ispite. Osetila sam veliki pritisak i bila sam veoma anksiozna ne samo zbog fakulteta, nego i zbog bloga. Svi oko mene su me non stop pitali kad ću objaviti novi tekst, nove slike i tako dalje. Onda desilo se to da sam morala da odbijem jednu saradnju jer je bilo nemoguće da sve to postignem i na sve to prekinula sam da komuniciram sa jednom osobom koja mi je bila veoma bitna u životu. Tada su pocele i negativne misli da mi se provlace kroz glavu. Obaveze su se ređale jedna za drugom i sve je išlo tako velikom brzinom da više nisam znala šta radim. Zapravo, imala sam osećaj da ništa pametno ne radim, da ništa do sad nisam postigla, da samo trošim vreme na gluposti i da mi ništa u životu ne ide.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Hapiness Starts With You

The moment when you begin to be thankful first of all on being alive and healthy, then on other stuff, you will understand that it's not so difficult to be happy at every moment in your life. My personal opinion is that hapiness begins with thankfulness and so it's easy to be happy since there are milion reasons for which today, tomorrow and every other day you should be thankful. If you believe that one person, or something material such as traveling or expensive things will make you happy, you're wrong. This kind of hapiness will last no more than one or two days and then you will get back again to your unsatisfied mood since you can't run away from yourself, no matter how hard you try. Life begins to be more beautiful when you understand that hapiness lives inside you and that you don't have to wait for somebody to make you happy because you can easily make yourself happy.